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Email is a simple, cost-effective and a powerful way to communicate with your customers and prospects.

Yet, I am still amazed at the number of small businesses that either do not use email marketing or if they do, they’re not using this tool very well (like having a McLaren in your garage and riding around on a skateboard).

Here are some compelling reasons why email marketing should be one of your primary tools:

  • Big ROI (about $38 returned for every dollar invested).
  • Affordable (about $35 average starting monthly service fee for email marketing services like Mailchimp, Emma, or Constant Contact)
  • Measurable
  • Builds relationships

If you want to discover the tools I’ve used over the years, click here. These resources will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Ok, assuming you’ve already developed a great looking email template for your business, one of the keys to effective email marketing is making sure you provide relevant, timely, and useful content.

Thinking like your customers and prospects should be a no-brainer. Ask yourself the question your customer/prospect is asking: “What’s in it for me?” You have about 5 seconds to answer that question. Your from, subject line, and content should arrest the reader’s attention and drive them to some action. For instance, you might want them to click to your website where they can request a free download (of course you want to collect their contact info in exchange for this valuable resource).

6 Basic Email Tips

  1. Know your audience: provide content that is important to your customers and prospects. Thinking like your customers pays.
  2. Shorter is better: as you write, write to just one person. Keep it short. Keep it simple.
  3. Design matters: even if you don’t have a graphic designer on staff, there are some great email templates available (most email marketing services offer basic and advanced templates to get you started). Again, keep it simple, professional, and graphically interesting. Use lots of white space. Black text on white is more readable than white text on a black background.
  4. Links & banners: keep your banners and buttons and links to a minimum. Otherwise, your email maybe filtered as “spam” and never arrive in your customer’s inbox.
  5. Length: shorter, relevant, and useful is better.
  6. Frequency: assuming you are analyzing your email marketing results, compare open rates and click-through rates (A/B testing is a must). Weekly or bi-weekly can go a long way in establishing and maintaining brand recognition.

10 Ways To Grow Your Email List

  1. Place your email newsletter signup form on your home page.
  2. On every page of your website, link to your signup form.
  3. Place a signup link in all employee email signatures.
  4. On all your digital customer correspondence (including invoices), add the signup link.
  5. To build your list quickly, offer something of value to your customer/prospect for free – make sure that it is something relevant and helpful (book, white paper, article).
  6. Post free content like whitepapers and articles on your website. To get these free goodies, the person clicks on the link and must provide their contact information. If you’re using a good email program, these free resources, especially PDFs, can be instantly distributed PLUS the contact info is automatically added to your email dbase.
  7. Take time to email each one of your existing customers and invite them to signup for your newsletter.
  8. Don’t forget to add a “sign up for our newsletter” on your top entry website pages.
  9. Make sure your blog is working with your email marketing efforts. Use your blog to promote your email list and your email list to promote your blog (as well as social media).
  10. Make sure your using relevant technology. If your website, blog and email are not responsive/mobile friendly, you’re losing opportunity, business, and page-ranking (algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results).

Let’s visit and I’ll show you how to build a dynamic, simple, and integrated email marketing plan for your company.