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As a small business, it’s vitally important to select the marketing channels that provide the best results. In today’s digital world, social media marketing can help increase your brand’s presence, drive sales, and build relationships with your audience. And it’s essentially free.

How To Begin

  • How much time you can devote to developing and building a social network
  • The personnel and skills you have to work with
  • Know where your potential customers are hanging out
  • Understand the demographics of your target audience
  • Develop a consistent brand across best for your customers social media platforms
  • Be personable, approachable, and genuine (your tone)
  • Develop a niche and make it yours
  • Be consistent to maximize impact … 1-3 posts per day
  • Best day to post … in general, Thursday and Friday
  • Best time … in general the best time to post is early afternoon in the time zone of your target audience
  • Here’s a graph by Neil Patel that might be helpful

The secret to successful social media marketing is not posting – it’s listening.
Listen to what your followers are saying. Respond positively.

Provide solutions – and yes, if you must, talk about your products
Providing practical, relevant and useful information will build your platform. Too many small businesses think that their customers or potential customers are only interested in product information. They may be to some degree, but first and foremost, they are looking for solutions. Listen and identify their problems. Provide solutions.

Join LinkedIn. Establish your social media presence, attract fans and customers, connect with your followers. In other words, amplify your message. Create a LinkedIn company page.

Engagement on Facebook is a great way to build momentum. Obviously you should be tweeting and posting on LinkedIn, but you should also build your Facebook fan base. Posting interesting and good content on a daily basis goes a long way to building the long-term value of your customers.


  • Improve customer engagement
  • Enhance your brand and reputation
  • Increase sales
  • Monitor and measure (see analytics)

Join the Conversation

  • Enter the conversation
  • Provide relevant content
  • Add value to communities
  • Respond positively
  • Communicate success stories

If you want to discover the tools I’ve used over the years, click here. These resources will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Need a social media marketing consultant to improve your results?

There are two ways that I can help:

  1. Initial audit of your social media marketing program: $550
  2. Turn key social media marketing program: let’s discuss (this depends on the content, platforms, frequency, and dbase management)