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Want to increase business? Want to develop lasting relationships with your customers? Then quit providing information with content that only benefits your company, products/services. In today’s Internet world, the only thing that matters is to provide information that matters to your customers and potential customers.

Why? Your customers are using the Internet to pre-qual your company. In fact, recent research indicates that 90 percent of B2B buyers use the Internet to preview your company/products/services BEFORE and DURING the selection process. Plus, the Internet stands between you and your sales team.

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Think of your website as your first impression. And as we all know, your first impression is a lasting impression. If your website is not making a great first impression, take a look at your top three competitor’s websites, analyze what’s beneficial to their customers, and with a fresh perspective, take a look at your own presence and make adjustments accordingly.

Content PowerPoints

  • Your landing page should immediately provide a compelling reason why anyone would want to stay and read more.
  • Keep it simple. Remember, anyone who lands on your website is only 1 click away from walking away. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – your differentiator – and why/how that can help your customer/potential customer should be given top-shelf.
  • Your content should be customer-focused. Too often, businesses present their case from their perspective. You should think like and then write as if you are the customer.
  • The number one metric for businesses is to generate high-quality leads. However, most businesses provide low-level content. Hmmmm. If you want quality leads, provide quality content. As has been mentioned, write white papers, provide PDFs, or links to quality information, and as a “fair exchange” they provide their contact information and you get a new lead.
  • Build to last by first getting your customer’s attention and then developing a long-term, relationally-based, mutually-beneficial partnership. Become a problem solver instead of a product provider and you’ll trump your competition.
  • Consistent delivery of relevant and quality content can position your company above the clutter, build relationships, and create quality leads for your sales team.

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