Standing out from the competition has always been hard, but in today’s global, Internet everything business environment, it’s becoming almost impossible.

Most small Christian businesses are great at developing products and services, but not so much when it comes to getting practical and consistent messages out to their customers and prospects.

I can help your organization stand out from the competition. I can bring your competitive position and value proposition to life and position your company in the mind of your prospects and target audiences. Use of an integrated and cohesive marketing approach will deliver the brand consistently and repeatedly telling prospects and customers that your company, products and/or services are the best and right choice, today and in the future.

Recently, I researched, developed and executed a strategic marketing plan for a Christian publisher. Here are the results:

  • Page Ranking: moved the company website from obscurity (page 64) to page one top three positions on the top 3 major search engines Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Website Visits: from 104,059 to 208,359 (+200%)
  • Pageviews: 670,585 to 1,071,788 (+160% increase)
  • Newsletter: from 6,139 readers to 424,079 (+6,908%)
  • Blog Articles: from a readership of 402 to 100,879 (+25,094%)
  • Facebook: from 168 likes to 6,206 and average post reach of 4,500 (+3,694%)
  • SEO/SEM efforts in Google, Bing and Yahoo: provided $766,260 in revenues
  • Oversight of organic SEO/SEM of multiple web assets: provided $177,183 in revenues
  • Social media (FaceBook, Pinterest, Vimeo, Twitter): provided $100,687 in revenues
  • New Chat integration: provided $27,636 in revenues
  • Total Revenues Directly Attributable To Digital Marketing: $1,071,766

If you want to discover the tools I’ve used over the years, click here. These resources will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Biggest 2016 Marketing Threat

On April 21, 2015, Google began penalizing (down-ranking) all sites that were not optimized for mobile (responsive). 2016 and forward, Google will continue enforcing this new policy. This will have a significant impact on all websites/sales. If you’re not able to reach your audience through mobile search or display, or you’re not providing a satisfactory mobile experience you will miss out compared to competitors who are.

And that’s where I come in. My goal is to help you with your marketing.

  • Help define the brand and drive creative content creation and consistency across all channels.
  • Develop the overall marketing strategy with a focus on the brand and content.
  • Oversee and successfully execute all marketing campaigns from idea to execution.
  • Track performance, and create and deliver campaign recaps, brand reporting, and recommendations for future execution.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally with all teams to ensure all marketing efforts are consistent, on brand, and delivered on time and on budget.
  • Develop, execute and manage the marketing budget and plan, detailing the year’s activity to meet agreed-upon objectives. Report results regularly to leadership.

Strategic Marketing Research, Planning, Execution

Strategic Marketing Research and Planning is developing: 1) a vision of where you want to go, and 2) a roadmap of how to get there. I will analyze, create, and champion the development of the following three key phases starting with an initial SWOT analysis (these are the top 3 reasons most small Christian businesses fail – they don’t have a strategic plan):

  1. Assessment (Where is your company now?)
  2. Objectives (Where do you want to go?)
  3. Strategies and Tactics (How will your company get there?)

I can help you better understand the key marketing aspects of your business – the marketplace, competition and the key drivers that influence customer interest, decisions and loyalty – and that, if improved, will accomplish key goals and ROI. I will use these insights to develop a marketing strategy that defines:

  • Your overall value offering
  • A differentiated positioning story (the brand) for your company in the marketplace
  • Messages that will resonate with target audiences
  • Define expectations of the customer’s overall experience with your company

One of the most helpful things I can recommend for you right now is to get connected.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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