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My Story

I’m just a regular saved-by-grace, husband, father, grandfather, tech-savvy digital marketing guy. I would love to help your Christian business or ministry become all that God envisions for you.

I graduated from Texas Tech University in 1984 with a BA in Advertising. My first job in advertising was in 1982 for a 6-store electronics retailer. Getting people into the stores and buying was the priority. That was back in the day when the Internet, social media, and cell phones were but a future possibility. Direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, and catalogs were the tools of the trade. I sold a lot of stereos and TVs.

The week after I graduated, I went to work for a creative boutique ad agency in Midland-Odessa, Texas. The owners gave me the opportunity to develop business. In other words, small salary, but potential big commission if I landed new clients. My wife Suzie and I had been married for about six months and we really needed this job to work. Twelve month’s later, I had brought in about $1,000,000 in new client business. The agency won lots of ADDY Awards for those new clients. Adweek published a story about how this little agency out in West Texas was growing leaps and bounds. That story caught the eye of a mid-sized ad agency in Beaumont, Texas. They called me for an interview, sent their private plane out, and delivered me to their HQ. They hired me same day as an account executive. Went home, packed up, and we moved to Beaumont, Texas. I’ll never forget how sick Suzie was on the drive down – she had the flu and to this day she doesn’t remember the trip!

Same story as with the agency in Midland-Odessa. I brought in lots of new business. Within one year the principals asked me to head-up their agency in Corpus Christi, Texas. Our cornerstone account was a big electric utility company. We won lots of local, regional, and national ADDY Awards. More new clients were added to our roster.

Guess what? One of the largest ad agencies in Arizona called and wanted me as their Senior Account Executive. Off we went to Scottsdale. Lots of big name clients. More new clients were added to their roll.

We loved Arizona, but hot does not begin to describe the temperature. I took a position as the Marketing Director for a small manufacturer in West Texas. Annual sales when I started were about $750K/year. Seven year’s later, the company generated $22M in revenues. I loved watching that little company grow into something special.

In 1995 we started a residential at-risk teen ministry out of our home. I needed to be more “on-deck” so I began consulting for businesses across the US. Most recently, I served as the Marketing Director of a leading children’s curriculum publisher. I work entirely from my office here in the DFW area. You can read about my Core Beliefs here.

I know how to find, get and keep customers. And make the cash register ring. And keep them coming back because they love the experience. I cut my teeth in traditional advertising. I was sending out segmented emails in 1993 before segmentation became a marketing catch phrase. I “blogged” in 1996 before blogging was even called blogging. And I created my first website in 1997 using a dial-up 28k modem. I’ve stayed on the cutting edge of technology since day one (ask me about the very first ever live streaming Internet broadcast of white tail deer on a 1,500 acre rural ranch in realtime). One of my favorite things to do is to use tech to help people (one of my websites is If you take a look, you’ll see that I give away every resource on that website, too.

Point is, I’ve been around. I stay relevant. You have to if you love marketing, helping small Christian businesses succeed, and want to glorify God in the marketplace. If you want to discover the tools I’ve used over the years, click here. These resources will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

In my wheelhouse:

  • Strategic planning and marketing
  • Developing marketing plans to extend awareness and reach of a brand, product and service to build engagement
  • Developing and managing traditional and digital marketing strategy and priorities
  • Delivering on product conversion and revenue goals, including lead generation campaigns across multiple target markets
  • Solid understanding of SEO, Web and Google Analytics, reporting and goal tracking
  • Strong understanding of customer-driven, eCommerce marketing organizations
  • Strong knowledge in digital and online media (websites, social media applications, email marketing, and online advertising)
  • Execution of email campaigns including creative set-up, testing and deployment
  • A/B test strategies to increase engagement across marketing programs
  • Advanced understanding of web analytics with the ability to report on data and make recommendations for marketing and campaign strategy for continuous improvement
  • CSS, HTML, email marketing software, WordPress, Vimeo, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook), Adobe Creative Suite, and CMS
  • Developing and pushing content via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Google+, and blog communities
  • Managing measurement, engagement and assisting with content development across all social media channels
  • Analyzing marketing and sales data to develop insights and make recommendations on areas for optimization
  • Developing a cohesive annual content topic calendar.

Here’s what others think:

“Doug put our company on the Internet map and opened our eyes to the benefits of having a true marketing professional on our staff. He significantly increased our search engine optimization (SEO), created substantial Internet traffic for us and facilitated a number of business relationships before leaving to pursue his passion with Treasure Learning. Doug has an incredible work ethic and was instrumental in helping us craft easy to understand messages to our target markets.” –Stanton Williams, SourceCorp Professional Services

“Doug’s marketing and leadership expertise brought our company from the backwoods to the leading edge in our industry. It is no exaggeration to communicate that he has contributed more to the professionalism and growth of our company than any employee during twenty years of operation. He is highly competent, energetic, and experienced. His verbal and written communication skills are excellent.” –Mark Steiner, President, DiscipleLand

“An organization with an innovative, dedicated, wicked smart and technology savvy marketing professional has a secret weapon. Doug Morrell was ours at SourceCorp. Add to that an in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing sector, incredible passion and someone who needs about four hours of sleep a night and that’s Doug. He made a significant impact on our processes and procedures and helped us launch alliance relationships. It was a pleasure to work with him. He inspires greatness.” –Jana Carpenter, SourceCorp Professional Services VP Sales & Marketing

“Truly a linchpin of our team, Doug is a true digital media marketing visionary with tremendous depth and an adroit creative talent. It was a rare pleasure to work with someone who not only possessed a seemingly effortless understanding of the dynamics of our market segment, but who at the same time truly understands what you can really do with digital media. Doug engenders trust and quickly builds lasting strategic relationships with industry and market leaders.” –Patrick Seaman, CTO, WhichBox Media

So why am I offering the “secret marketing sauce” for free?

First off, if you knew me (and I hope we get to know each), you’d know that I love to help people. Secondly, I love to see small Christian businesses succeed. I want to help you reach your goals.

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